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Lannion (22)

-RENAISSANCE ARCHITECTURE - INSCRIBED MONUMENT historic, MAGNIFICENT restoration, Manor XVI me, 10km from the beaches, Lannion, C your armor, Brittany. In a wooded environment, this Renaissance Manor House of the XVI me if key, registered Historical Monument in whole, 10 kilometres of beaches and the c you pink granite, presents by superb l architectural elements worthy of large ch castles of this time, remarkably well preserved, all was restored 30 years with the best mat materials and craftsmen but especially a t GB and extreme care me. The mansion stands at the end of an e all of charms, dominating the Court e pav, at the L-shaped plan, on a solid and beautiful meanly under moulur, it presents a fa ade big granite special apparatus especially treated (alternating the different colours of granite) and a front door semicircular Renaissance, on a porch bosses ornamentation. On the right, a large and high building pr body feeling two windows in a corner kick, architectural originality l particularly elegant and rare. Pass the porch are double flight and the heavy door the transom orn of terms Renaissance hall, granite dall, pr feel a succession of beautiful doors semicircular somm're glove frames moulur s l, distributing to the great Hall of 95 m 2 under 4.5 m high ceiling, resembling Gallery through, clear e by four high fen very, and domin e to the Fund by a superb way orn e pilasters canel s , the hall also opens on the staircase ramp ramp in granite of two m e of a very very wide, orn beautiful column cannel rudent e. In the wing in return, the dining of 47 m 2, on slabs of shale, presents a second me beautiful path e Renaissance cornice supported by modillions of pattern, pattern typically Renaissance, since this IP, access by two beautiful stairs living stone, the cellar and the Tagus. E Contig, pr kitchen feel of many beautiful the elements, including a beautiful e path, it offers another staircase to access the Tagus. WC the Tagus, three beautiful rooms including one of 38 m 2 with e road, two bathrooms, a toilet. Great height of 95 m 2. This mansion has the rare features to offer large cellars with path are under the whole of the building including the old kitchens, which is quite rare and usually reserved for the big ch castles of the Renaissance. Techniques and materials used s for the restoration have been the subject of extreme care, so exterior and int previous frames are in ch no ankle of the best quality without knots, mouldings were taken to an existing door and a carpentry iron has made specially, hinges and ironwork work of a blacksmith have made are to mod the and use the hinges of origins , smear them are the hot and Sandy, les planchers floors in ch ch massive taignier, the small glasses of the frames or don't wood are for some of the reuse of the XVIII me. In the courtyard, in screw screw Manor, a beautiful long re to work in good condition. A part in ruins extends a wing of the mansion. A well. 7550 m 2 of Park rare species plant. Location:-Lannion 10 km, all shops and services, TGV, Paris 3: 50; a airport, Paris 1hMer and beaches 10km. -S Cit tourist and character 10km. Price: 756000 euros fees included (including 4.77 fee).

Le Figaro Properties reference : 15154275