Enjoy the warm weather of Southern Europe for your holidays

Enjoy the warm weather of Southern Europe for your holidays

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Renowned for its warm climate, diverse landscape and historical heritage, Southern Europe is the perfect place for a holiday. A great deal of high-end and comfortable accommodation is available in Spain, Greece and Italy

Luxury holidays in Spain

The bright and lively Costa Blanca will delight nature-lovers, history-enthusiasts and those who love to laze around on the beach. Prestigious accommodation with swimming pools is available for a complete change of scenery. Known for its beaches and party-like atmosphere, Ibiza is home to luxury dwellings as well: from traditional architecture to contemporary decor, there is something for everyone. Enjoy the charming region of Andalusia by staying in high-end homes and visiting Cordoba, Grenada and Seville.

Basking in the Greek sun

Southern Europe also includes Greece, a country renowned for its remarkable historical heritage and post card-like landscapes. Enjoy an unforgettable luxury holiday in Mykonos or Crete, staying in a traditional villa decorated with a modern touch. Make the most of the islands' undeniable charm, with their iconic white houses.

Italy, an authentic destination for a complete change of scenery

Italy and its warm climate attract travellers from all over the world. Fancy spending your luxury holiday in Capri, Umbria, Lombardy or even Tuscany? Select your dream villa, be it by the sea, in the middle of the vineyards or at the top of a hill. You can also make the most of your stay to discover Italy's gastronomic specialities.

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