A kingdom in the countryside, Provence

A kingdom in the countryside

A listed monument, this outstanding castle was erected during the 11th century and refurbished in the 1700s. In all, the estate provides 4,000 sq m of living space. “This is a vast property, but not as huge as you might guess,” stresses the Emile Garcin agency. “In fact, it’s a perfect combination of different eras.” Featuring vintage items, the castle boasts 60+ rooms including two jails and various mediaeval kitchens. The property is part of a 307-ha domain crossed by two rivers. It is located only 35 minute away from Marseille’s Airport.

Proposed price: 9,9 millions d’euros

© Camille Moirenc

Estate agent : Emile Garcin - Aix-en-Provence, Tel. : 04 42 54 52 27.

A kingdom in the countryside