Exquisite property

A king’s domain, Sarthe

A king’s domain

During the 12th century, the kings of France and England were famous guests of the castle

Overlooking a charming village, this listed castle is located halfway between the cities of Le Mans and Orléans. « The property enjoys a 360° view, stresses Cabinet Le Nail agency. » Erected upon 15th century foundations, the building welcomed the kings of France and England throughout the years. Providing 1,200 sq m of living space, the castle features amazing reception rooms including a living room adorned with panellings, a small lounge, a huge dining room, a study and a library. The first floor boasts nine elegant bedrooms complete with their own bathroom or shower room. That floor also features an outhouse built during the 18th century boasting studies, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and seven bedrooms. In perfect condition following various renovations, the domain also highlights outbuildings (a keeper’s house, garages, stables, a shed and a saddlery), vaulted rooms and a 3,23-ha park planted with trees. This jewel is only 175 km away from Paris.

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SUMMARY : Where ? Sarthe - Living space : 1 200 m2 - Period : XVe, XVIIIe et XIXe siècles - Price : 2 800 000 €. - Estate agent : Cabinet Le Nail - Tel. : 02 43 98 20 20. http://www.cabinetlenail.com