Exquisite property

A revamped industrial building in Bordeaux, Bordeaux

A revamped industrial building in Bordeaux

As long as it's high, the bright living room has exceptionel volumes

This former garage was radically transformed two and a half years ago. The original steel, wood, concrete and glass frame was preserved, making this a spacious and exceptionally bright place. Life in this contemporary loft is organised around the monumental living room, with its 6-m wide clearance and zenithal glass roof. The kitchen adjacent features bay windows and opens onto a big terrace with an open outlook. Upstairs, three attic bedrooms with their bathrooms can be accessed using an ingenious network of catwalks. On the mezzanine, a study faces a gigantic fish tank, seemingly floating in mid-air, a triumph of architectural engineering. “This truly is a superb property, indicates Ateliers, Lofts & Associés Bordeaux. The materials and interiors have been chosen with special care.” The very fair solid parquet floor contributes to an incredibly bright loft that has been augmented with side windows. Sold with a double garage, the secluded property is close to Bordeaux’s boulevards, in the sought-after Caudéran district.

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SUMMARY: Where ? Bordeaux - Living space : 300 m2 - Period : début du XXe siècle, rénovation entre 2008 et 2009 - Price : 1 700 000 € - Estate agent : Ateliers, Lofts & Associés Bordeaux - 33000 Bordeaux. - Tel. : 05 56 44 86 90. http://www.ateliers-lofts.co

A revamped industrial building in Bordeaux