Exquisite property

A town house by the Seine, Paris Louvre

A town house by the Seine

The two living rooms of this property steeped in history provide a great view on the Seine

Built in 1759 by Louis XV’s architect, this town-house is located opposite the musée du Louvre. Its facade, ironworks and the ramp of its staircase are all listed. Other elements such as the Versailles-style wooden floor or the Fessart-painted panelling are typical of 18th century interiors. All of the rooms were carefully renovated in 1997. “This veritable ‘small Versailles’ will let you experience the incomparable atmosphere found only on the banks of Seine”, stresses the Varenne agency.

Estate agent: Agence Varenne, 75007 Paris. Tel: 01 45 55 79 00 http://www.agencevarenne.fr

Photo : © S. Durieu

A town house by the Seine