Exquisite property

An updated medieval windmill, Falaise

An updated medieval windmill

An ideal setting for a prospective hotel-restaurant.

Located in a very quiet neighbourhood of Falaise, William the Conqueror’s hometown, this sumptuous former windmill has been converted into an elegant private mansion. The four-storey property, providing 568 sq m of living space, consists of a medieval section and a more recent one, erected in the 18th century. The garden level features a dining room with a beamed ceiling, a stone fireplace and a terrace. A wine cellar and a study are on the ground floor, whereas five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a small living room and an attic are dispatched on the upper floors. “It's a beautiful house made of stones from Caen, entirely renovated and perfectly looked after, says Emile Garcin Deauville. It has great volumes, unlike your typical half-timbered house.” Vintage elements such as a stone staircase with a wrought iron ramp and beautiful 17th century pediments are also a must-see. In addition, the 4,800 sq m landscaped park features a vegetable garden, a gravelled honour courtyard, a river and a pond.

PRATIQUE : Where ? Falaise - Living space : 568 m2 - Period : XVIIe and XVIIIe - Price : 2 400 000 € - Estate agent : Emile Garcin Deauville - 14 800 Deauville. - Tél. : 02 31 14 18 18. http://www.emilegarcin.fr

Photo : © Bruno Brismontier

An updated medieval windmill