Antoine Courtois, painter, STROKES OF EXCELLENCE

It’s hard to believe that the Atelier Mériguet- Carrère has only been around since 1960, as the techniques of the artisans are steeped in history and their works show a level of sophistication that comes only with time.

High-end painting jobs from trompe l’oeil, decoration, gilded or pearlescent finishes to surfaces that resemble shagreen, marble, even fabric…all executed to perfection. “Nothing is outsourced,” explains architect Antoine Courtois, who has been at the helm for about 15 years. He leads a team of 90, who work in a spirit of traditional apprenticeship in two Paris locales on custom orders that range from simple to highly elaborate. Whether in the Paris Opera, a church, historical monument, private mansion or luxury boutique, these old-looking surfaces belie the use of some cutting-edge techniques. And every project combines artistic vision and true craftsmanship.

Antoine Courtois, painter