Bruno Moinard, Artist of luxurious space

Bruno Moinard’s youthful looks belie his 30 years of experience in interior design and architecture. Founding his own agency 4BI in 1995, after working alongside Andrée Putman for 15 years, Moinard has since designed spaces for museums (Paris’s Rodin and Arts Décoratifs), corporate headquarters (Fnac), offices (Hermès), sets and private homes. For Cartier, he created a new store concept and oversaw its installation in 200 boutiques around the world. After unveiling Galeries Lafayette’s luxury space last autumn – a collaboration with lighting artist Yann Kersalé, he’s currently working on a project for Pommery in Reims, new Cartier stores, as well as furniture and a book. Moinard, who has a staff of 18, is always taking photos, sketching and scribbling notes. His experience in various areas gives his work a richness, as does his “continual dialogue with other artisans.” Defining his style as “simple and elegant,” Moinard pays particular attention to “visual comfort, the sensory, tactile aspect,” as he “responds to each request in the most artistic way possible.”

Bruno Moinard