CHRISTOPHE PILLET, designer , A feeling for style

Christophe Pillet has several métiers.

He’s worked with Artelano, Cappellini, Driade, Whirlpool, de-signed fireplaces for Planika and sofas for high-end furniture brand Néology. Some of his latest projects include Catherine Malandrino shops in Las Vegas and Los Angeles and the Bar du Port in Saint-Tropez. He describes his work as resembling that of a film director or writer – he tells stories through the objects he designs.

“A designer,” he says, “creates an environment, gives objects an emotional element, responds to a desire to live in a different, better way.” Fascinated with how technology changes our ways of behaving and buying, he strives to reveal another dimension of how it is used, removing the fear associated with it.

When it comes to designing interiors of private residences, he notes that his strong point is not solving issues of closet space but rather “reflecting on a lifestyle.” Such a project becomes an adventure for both client and designer: it demands great amounts of time and a close working relationship, as well as the ability to maintain a certain distance.

Pillet confides that the process of any project – the thought that goes into it and the people he works with – is of utmost importance. And of course, a stunning location doesn’t hurt, either…