Interview Thomas Vantorre, Thomas Vantorre, Manager, Barnes Lyon

Interview Thomas  Vantorre

Thomas Vantorre

In Lyon, the luxury estate marketplace is quite busy especially in the Presqu’ile and the 6th district, while family properties located west of the city seem to attract less investors. More than 6% of our clients are foreign citizens (UK, Dubai, Germany, Switzerland, Latin America). The average price of our properties is €1m with prices ranging from €700,000 for a family townhouse up to €1,5m for outstanding homes. In the Mont d’Or area, prices can reach €2,5m. We recently sold a 190 sq m apartment in a townhouse located Boulevard des Belges for €1,05m. The estate came with a 500 sq m private garden and a direct access to the Tête d’or park. In Fontaines-sur-Saône, a300 sq m Directoire-style property with various outbuildings and a 1,6ha lot was acquired for €1,3m. In Lyon, the 2nd and 6th districts are safe bets.

Interview Thomas  Vantorre
At Fontaine-sur-Saone, a Directoire style property of 300 m2, sold 1.3 million euros.