Isabelle Burdel, Enchantress of scent

The heady ambiance of Hôtel du Cap – Eden – Roc is herwork. But Isabelle Burdel, the nose behind Salon Privé – the firm she founded in 2004, also creates personalized fragrances for individual clients’ homes, yachts, guests… Customized, special-order ambient and wearable scents in the form of candles, incense and eau de parfum, all created with top-of-the-line raw materials and natural essences. A graduate of Isipca, the French school of perfume-making, Burdel started her career at Rochas, then worked in Grasse before creating Salon Privé. Burdel conceptualizes, formulates, produces and distributes her creations herself for clients based in Europe, Asia, the US and the Middle East. A Salon Privé fragrance is unique in the world, and the individual who commissions it is a key part of its formulation, the sole source of inspiration. “Lifestyle, dreams, memories and desires” determine the notes of each olfactory “voyage.”

Isabelle Burdel