Interview Rudy Janssens, Manager of Janssens Immobilier

Interview Rudy Janssens

Rudi Janssens

With 4 offices, we cover the whole Luberon area and we keep an open mind on opportunities to create more offices.

In the last few months, the market rebounded after a decrease in prices of 10 to 20 %.

The state of mind of foreign buyers (2/3 of our customers) has changed as they see the end of the crisis. Our partnership with Knight Franck brings us many British customers, driven by a favorable exchange rate and looking for the right price.

Provence is a worldwide recognized brand, with a preserved environment, easy access by train and by plane, great quality of life and an excellent climate.

Interview Rudy Janssens
600 m² property from the XIXth century, situated in teh heart of Luberon