Exquisite property

Light, space and a sea view, Cassis

Light, space and a sea view

A splendid swimming pool, built around the house

Built in the 1950s, his charming two-story house is only a 15-minute walk from downtown Cassis. A minimalist design decorates the 250 sq m of living space. The wide-clearance entrance hall opens on a huge living room, a kitchen and a study. The Master suite, overlooking the sea, is located on the first floor, along with a living room and a fireplace, a bathroom, a spa and a hammam. In all, the building features five bedrooms. “This uniquelydesigned house fits neatly into its environment,” says Agence du Regard. A fantastic pool allows for swim around the house, thanks to an extra pool by the side, and an additional 50 sq m apartment is also part of the sale.

Estate agent: Agence du Regard, 83400 Hyères. - Tel: 04 94 01 43 15 - http://www.agenceduregard.fr

Photo : © Jean-Marc Borghero

Light, space and a sea view