MEGÈVE, The charm of a genuine Alpine village, Luxury real estate in best places of France

MEGÈVE, The charm of a genuine Alpine village
Nestled in the Alps at 1,100 metres and just 45 minutes by car from Geneva, Megève is as attractive for its after-ski as its ski slopes, with its famous, luxury shops and high-class restaurants.

“Demand is focused on large 3- to 4-room apartments and individual chalets.” notes Frédéric Duc Dodon, who heads the Ici and maintenant agency. Megève real estate has taken off with a bang in recent years. “Prices have more than doubled in five years.

Old properties now go for €7,000 to 9,000 a sq. m.,” says Stéphane Germain, Director of Transacmer Megève.

In the town centre, it sometimes exceeds €10,000 per sq. m.. “New luxury properties, near the slopes negotiate at around €15,000 a sq. m.,” says Michel Bannay, Director of Megève Immobilier. “Megève has a very little real estate in reserve,” explains Laurent Allard, Director of Allard & Associés. New building programmes are rare and restricted to a low volume of apartments.

The better-off can get their hands on larger surface areas via the market for individual chalets.

But once again, the supply is limited and you have to go quite a way from the town centre. The Mont d'Arbois, at the foot of the slopes at 1,350 metres, has long been the last word in fine locations. Now all eyes are on the hamlets around Megève. “The price of a chalet depends on its size, quality and nearness to the slopes.

A 200 sq. m. unit can start selling at €2 million and a 400 sq. m. at up to €5 million if very well-appointed,” notes Frédéric Duc Dodon.

MEGÈVE, The charm of a genuine Alpine village