Prices on the French Riviera are stable, Émile Garcin in Mougins, French Riviera

Prices on the French Riviera are stable

“Perfection is a very subjective notion. We can, however, talk of dream houses. That, I have seen. It’s difficult to establish a price range. Here, it’s a bit like in Paris. There isn’t really any limit”.

“It depends on what you’re looking for, but for an equivalent number of square metres, prices can double or triple on the seafront. Or even quadruple…”

“We’re in a price stabilisation phase. Essentially, I think it’s because buyers are very well informed. With the Internet and all the new mass media, it’s become very easy to get information and compare prices. Now, people know when a property is too expensive. They have a real idea of the market. It’s up to us to make the situation clear to the sellers.”

“I don’t force the market, and it doesn’t force me either. I remain my own person, true to my convictions, which is why I like getting out of bed every morning. The way I do things and the way I see the profession didn't change when I got to Mougins. Those who like me are prepared to follow me.”

“I think the market will continue to flourish, even if interest rates go up and affect mortgages and currency differences. Having said that, it is a sector that will never stop being attractive – the snow, the sea, Italy, international airports, Monaco, Cannes, Saint-Tropez…”

« Perfection is a very subjective notion. »
Prices on the French Riviera are stable