“Yachting in Style with Peace of Mind”: Bernard Gallay Yacht Brokerage reinvents the private charter

, published on March 14, 2022

[Publi-editorial content] What if taking to the seas was the latest trend for a stylish holiday? Not on a cruise but on a 20+ metre-long private sailboat, catamaran or motor yacht with friends or family and a dedicated crew. A tailor-made programme, total freedom, and some of the most beautiful, hidden Mediterranean landscapes. This summer - now more than ever - is the time to set sail on an unforgettable journey with luxury services and facilities.

A totally hassle-free holiday

After the pandemic and the uncertainties facing Europe, we were hoping that summer 2022 would be less eventful but at the moment it is looking just as unpredictable. When you take to the seas, you are choosing to embrace the unexpected with endless possibilities and last-minute decisions: changing course because of the weather, choosing to stay in one place rather than another and adapting to new events etc. It is also, and more importantly, about choosing to challenge your own views, see the world and its landscapes from a different perspective, and experience a heightened sense of freedom. Which is why we also appreciate luxury: for its exclusivity and singularity. Exploring the Mediterranean coastline with a seasoned crew is the best way of soaking up the magic of a place and appreciating its unexpected delights: only an experienced skipper is familiar with the most beautiful sailing routes, exploring coves that are invisible from the land and spectacular, little known diving spots. It also makes your holiday more exciting, not knowing if you’ll decide to stay a little longer in one spot, watching the multi-coloured fish in the water, or elsewhere, in a traditional, little fishing port, for example. Or you may decide to extend your route, sailing on a little further, to an unknown destination while enjoying the services on board and the chef’s culinary specialities?

The world’s oceans and seas as your playground

Travelling the oceans with friends and family, with no responsibility other than enjoyment, is possible even without knowing how to sail. Today, chartering a 20+ metre-long motor yacht, sailboat, or catamaran, complete with crew, has become child’s play. Bernard Gallay Yacht Brokerage – BGYB, keen to share their love of the ocean, the sense of freedom it brings, as well as the luxury amenities of some of the world’s most beautiful boats, today offers clients the opportunity to set sail on one of its many superb yachts, selecting a boat and itinerary to suit their personal requirements. Possible destinations include Sardinia, Sicily, Corsica, the Côte d’Azur, Greece, Malta, Turkey, the Aeolian islands, the Caribbean, Pacific, Indian Ocean or even the Norwegian fjords etc. Nothing is off limits! The BGYB team has been organizing bespoke private charters for 15 years and owes its reputation both to its love for the sea and its constant desire to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.

A bespoke ocean getaway

Bernard Gallay - a former sailor who competed twice in the Vendée Globe - and his team have also brokered the sale of numerous exclusive yachts, including the iconic and exceptional OCEAN SAPPHIRE - the 41-metre-long motor yacht designed by Sir Norman Foster - on more than one occasion. BGYB has been providing crewed charters worldwide for over 15 years, offering its clients a fully bespoke experience, in accordance with MYBA’s (Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association - a non-profit organization) Charter Agreement. On the agenda: itineraries recommended by experienced sailors, total flexibility in determining the route, restaurant and marina reservations, and stopovers, based on passengers’ individual tastes and preferences etc. The BGYB experience is designed specifically to cater to the needs of each individual and - just like its founder - celebrates freedom, a love for the sea and idyllic landscapes.

The luxury of being amongst friends but being carefree!

Choosing to set sail with a crew means enjoying luxury services in a private setting. BGYB charters sailboats or motor yachts, in excess of 20 metres, ensuring a luxury experience for all clients, even on board the “smaller” models. The BGYB team plans all its clients’ stays in advance, using detailed factsheets to find out their cruise-related tastes and preferences. On board, the organization of meals, the management of the kitty and reservations are dealt with by the captain and team members (chef, stewardess etc), catering to all needs including jet ski hire in Sardinia or eating sea food in Porquerolles. Unless you prefer to remain on board for dinner, specially prepared for you by the chef, and enjoy a view of the sunset, undisturbed.

Although freedom has a price, this luxury summer adventure is cheaper than one would think, for example, €5,625 per guest, based on eight-person occupancy, for one week on board ARAGON, a Southern Wind 94 cruiser (nearly 30-metre-long yacht), sailing around the western Mediterranean with a 4-people crew. The popularity of crewed charter yachts for summer 2022 is, however, likely to lead to reduced availability of the most affordable boats as well as the most iconic and sought-after yachts, which until now have been in plentiful supply.


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