Hubert Le Gall, Gentleman designer

Hubert Le Gall

Hubert Le Gall is his workshop, which was formerly used by painter Pierre Bonnard. His latest creations, unabashed yet functional sculptures, highlight the artist's comedy circus.

Hubert Le Gall, named Interior designer of the year at the next Maison & Objet trade show, is an eclectic, genre-breaking, warm artist whose forthcoming monogaphy (Norma Editions) reveals the playful aesthete behind the “Design vs. Design” and “Melancholy” exhibitions, and the Vuillard or Monet shows at the Grand Palais. His “Artemisia” is currently showing at the Maillol Museum. “Ex-nihilo creation is a craft, based on the proximity of objects and the energy that flows between them. One must listen to that proximity and use false coincidences to establish the works’ inner dialogue,” he says. His next exhibitions will take place at the Dijon Museum, in the fall, and in New York and Los Angeles. He will also show 40 new pieces at the Avant-Scène Gallery, run by his longtime partner in crime, Elisabeth Delacarte.


Hubert Le Gall