Propriétés le Figaro

Propriétés le Figaro


First created 25 years ago, Le Figaro Properties has now become Propriétés Le Figaro. Our magazine's change of title symbolises our desire to forge a closer link between the name of Propriétés and the Figaro brand.

 While the new title still aims to provide the finest showcase for luxury property, it also encapsulates our desire to broaden the range of properties we feature, from exceptional to high-end, and from sales to rentals.

A prestigious and influential gateway to the finest properties in France, Propriétés Le Figaro both helps raise France's international profile and strives to protect and ensure the longevity of properties rich in history.

Without a doubt, Propriétés Le Figaro reflects the values and lifeblood of the Figaro itself. In its own way, it encapsulates the quintessential Figaro spirit: luxury is all about the pleasure of discovering, purchasing and renovating properties – the exact same attitude to 'lifestyle' that our magazine embodies: the genuine pleasure of reading about and discovering new worlds.

 With its unique and exclusive guide, Propriétés Le Figaro helps make that dream come true. But much more than just a magazine, it's now also a multimedia digital brand with a new website and a dedicated app.

 Change and continuity – but one thing remains the same: our famous promise to offer you the widest selection of beautiful houses and apartments.