Twenty-five years of Le Figaro Properties

Twenty-five years of Le Figaro Properties

Serge Dassault

Le Figaro Properties, created 25 years ago by the Figaro Group, is a magazine like no other.

It introduces readers to a dream world and provides a unique and exclusive purchasing guide. Not content with producing a bimonthly edition, showcasing the most beautiful, rare and exclusive properties currently for sale in France, it also introduces readers to the world of luxury properties, inviting them to explore iconic French heritage sites, something that no other magazine does. It features properties that make us the envy of the world, such as those belonging to Yves Saint Laurent or Edith Piaf. Le Figaro Properties is a pillar of the French luxury industry as well as a leading, reputable player in the world of French real estate. It helps promote France just as other brands do. Since 1989, Le Figaro Properties, together with real estate professionals, has helped sell thousands of properties to delighted purchasers; properties – including historic monuments - that have been renovated, decorated and sometimes even saved. Apart from the dream that it sells, our magazine is an important economic player, capable of retaining and attracting French and foreign entrepreneurs who want to set up in our country, invest here and create jobs.


It’s a modern player, available on the internet, tablet and mobile. Le Figaro Properties is everywhere, constantly promoting the cause of luxury real estate. I hope it will continue to do so for a long time to come! I hope you enjoy reading this anniversary edition and thank you for your continuing loyalty