Discover beautiful French Château for sale

Discover beautiful French Château for sale

The authenticity of a french castle

Medieval or modern castles, village manors ... France abounds with prestigious houses of all eras, built in the heart of extensive grounds where ponds and wooded parks mingle. If you cherish old stones and protected buildings, and you want to invest in an outstanding monument and become a lord, why not treat yourself to a French castle ?

A full-fledged real estate market

Versailles, Chambord, Fontainebleau, Chenonceau: boasting numerous architectural beauties, the French territory embodies its legacy of a rich past. The castles in particular are part of a unique real estate market that fires the imagination of the planet’s wealthiest people: the estates are full of charm and history. However, the term "French Chateau" can encompass different types of buildings, from medieval castles to the completely renovated 19th century buildings, often mistaken with manor villages. A French castle can embody an extraordinary house, as well as a first-class guesthouse.

How much for a French castle for sale?

Before investing in a French castle, be aware that the price criteria depends on the type of building. 12th and 13th century medieval castles are protected, entitled to tax benefits, but they are also cold and crude, and require significant maintenance. 19th century luxury houses are more affordable and often possess all modern comforts. But in terms of French castle for sale, the most popular buildings date from the 16th to the 18th century, equipped with elegant surfaces and vast wooded land. Choose carefully before investing in your French castle!

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