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A real manor and its hamlet, Normandy

A real manor and its hamlet

Spreading out from the central manor, the hamlet features five building and three guest houses

The Valterie domain is located 15 km away from Deauville. It features a manor and hamlet-like outbuildings in a typical Normandy style. In all there are eight buildings including three guest houses, a keeper’s house and a gardener’s house. “The domain was entirely redesigned in every single detail by local craftmen, decorator Pierre-Hervé Walbaum and architects from Bâtiments de France, stresses Immo 33.” Featuring a tile and a half-timbered roof, the two-story manor offers 450 sq m of living space. It highlights a listed 16th century spiral staircase and a main entrance designed after a Renaissance chapel of Pont-l’Evèque. Worldwide-renowned landscape artist Louis Benech took care of the 69-ha outstanding park that houses a Japanese and a formal garden. Other highlights include a river, a 100-sq m wrought iron greenhouse, an outdoor swimming pool, various outbuildings including stalls.

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SUMMARY : Where ? Normandie - Living space : 1 400 m2 au total sur 69 hectares - Period : XVIIIe siècle - Estate agent : Immo 33 - 75116 Paris - Tél. : 01 45 00 04 33. http://www.immo33paris.com