Family builder

Family builder

While some dream of doing nothing and act the grasshopper, others choose to invest in property and become owners. It is a question of temperament, opportunity, and personal choice. However, if the venture is worth a punt then sound advice is a must when it comes to building or acquiring a property. But the long-term priority should always be happiness, however you achieve that.

A few years ago a wise man who knew his onions whispered in my ear: “A good builder never rejects a stone,”. And for good reason, this giant of a fellow with hands twice the size of mine, had built his life while building homes for others. His gravelly speech had paved his way through life. Full of common sense, the chap surely presented a reassuring presence while fixing the roof.

Carrying out renovations on our family home, this craggy-faced builder was also creating a precious haven of peace for us. Our home on the Atlantic coast dated from the 1930s, and while it had potential as a charming getaway, it was almost in ruins.

He built us a space where we could gather as a family listening to the children playing in the garden, and then he built us an awning under which we could place a massive table to eat together, and then he created new rooms so that everyone had their own place...

Thanks to his help, family members were able to strengthen their foundations and renew ties, creating a sense of solidarity. While renovating the old walls, he also put his soul into a place full of memories. Faults were plastered over giving us all a new sense of strength.

To live a happy home life, a good builder is as important as a good doctor.