François Reineau, Director of Sologne Reineau Group

François Reineau

It is no secret that the current economic crisis has adversely impacted the market in Sologne. Potential customers are turned off by prices they feel are too high (in recent times, a house could sell for 25% more than should have been the norm). Our five agencies provide a variety of attractive homes (with 12 or 24 acres of land) and hunting grounds (100 acres minimum), and a few very large properties (350 to 750 acres), all of them located between the Loire and Cher rivers, with a small overhang South-East of the Orleans forest and the Blois area. Our customers want to be able to combine hunting, fishing, mushroom picking, long walks and visits to our rich architectural heritage. They are either retirees relocating to beautiful Sologne, or younger couples who wish to invest in a holiday home which will in time become their main place of residence. Others want to buy a house in a preserved environment less than two hours away from Paris.

François Reineau - La Sologne-Reineau, 97 rue Georges Clemenceau, 41200 Romorantin Lanthenay. Tél. : 02 54 76 02 92.

« Our five agencies provide a variety of attractive homes »
François Reineau