Jean-Jacques Ory, architect , THE FACE OF ECO-LUXURY

Architect Jean-Jacques Ory, who also paints and sculpts, is on the front line of a turning point – even a revolution – in architecture, as the environmental factor becomes not only “recommended but essential.

Progress is at last occurring in private homes,” he notes. And the perfect example is the ecological house he’s working on near the Alps, which “will harness natural energy sources through cutting-edge technology”. Which doesn’t preclude the use of traditional materials. Another project is St Tropez’s first “eco-hotel” which will include “vegetation-based roof-terraces”. Similarly, the architect, who has worked on headquarters for Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal, Swiss Life, also plans to integrate “a forest-like façade in a Paris shopping center to bring some of the countryside back to the city”.

Jean-Jacques Ory, architect