Moatti and Rivière, architects, Design for the imagination

Alain Moatti (on the left) et Henri Rivière. Photo © Sophie Elbaz

The autumn of 2008 will be a busy period for Moatti and Rivière, with the inauguration of the Fashion and Lace Museum in Calais, the Banque de France project in Paris, a building in China and the development of Yves Saint Laurent boutiques around the world.

Alain Moatti, architect and interior designer, and Henri Rivière, architect and designer, work together since 2001, after having pursued individual careers. “Architecture is the creation of imaginary spaces, our job is to bring them into reality,” explain the aesthetically-minded duo, whose references extend to any artist contemplating the nature of beauty. Finished projects include the Dapper Museum and Jean-Paul Gaultier’s headquarters in Paris, eight luxury boutiques in the Miramar mall in Cannes, and many more. For the Charles de Gaulle Historial Museum at Invalides, Moatti and Rivière “revealed history in action, immersing the visitor in moving images. “For them, a museum exhibit is more than simply visual; it’s a physical experience lived by the visitor. For the award-winning “Age of Crystal” installation, presented during Designer Days at Baccarat’s, they went beyond the concept of decoration, offering a livable experience. Each project, whether a public space or a private home, is truly unique, but their work is based on the idea that it’s necessary to find the right balance between reality–functionality–and “imaginary” space. They use both “lost” techniques of the past and the latest technologies, such as digital architecture, a tool for transforming an imaginary “dream” space into a real and living area.

Moatti and Rivière, architects