Yves Gosse de Gorre, Nature's goldsmith

© Denis Paillard

In Séricourt, Pas-de-Calais, Yves Gosse de Gorre has created a garden unlike any other.

A profession that is also a personal passion, he transformed the fourhectare setting into “a little paradise that surprises and delights through its playful approach to contrasts like shadow and light, humor and drama, order and spontaneity...” Born into a family with an agricultural background, Gosse de Gorre grew up watching the techniques of his grandmother, a gardener. In the 1980s he started his landscaping business and opened a plant nursery because he couldn’t find the plants he wanted to use in the parks and gardens he was designing for clients. Today, his personal garden also serves as a lab for new combinations and plants. Areas include a “labyrinth,” a “rose cathedral,” a “warrior’s garden,” and a “wood of shadows,” and horticultural specimens coexist with wild plants. An army of yew trees, hardy perennials, a variety of grasses and, of course, roses – and in particular the Séricourt rose. And the gardening master has reaped what he’s sown, with an impressive resumé of awards for new horticultural creations and garden designs

Yves Gosse de Gorre