The Lyon peninsula: a district with a wealth of real estate

The Lyon peninsula: a district with a wealth of real estate

Lyon’s peninsula forms the city’s historic centre and is also a Unesco listed site. It is bordered by the Place des Terreaux and the Bartholdi fountain to the north and the confluence of rivers, and ultra-contemporary museum to the south. Its buildings and architecture are well-preserved with Haussmann flats in the north and split-level, contemporary-style properties in the south.

The northern part of the peninsula : a dining and entertainment destination

Lyon peninsula begins at the bottom of the Croix-Rousse, near the splendid Town Hall, overlooking the Place des Terreaux. This lively district with its flourishing opera, theatres, ballet companies and restaurants is also a paradise for real estate. In fact, it is full of pleasant surprises: flats with terraces, split-level properties overlooking the river Saône or charming studios at the end of a passageway off rue Mercière.

Lyon’s peninsula centre : a shopping mecca

The streets between Cordeliers metro and place Bellecour are equally busy. Shoppers crowd the large department stores in rue de la République or gaze in awe at the luxury goods displayed in the ground floor shop windows of the beautiful Haussmann buildings along rue Edouard Herriot. If you continue as far as place des Jacobins, you’ll see a circular building with dome-shaped roof, home to some exceptional properties.

The southern part of the peninsula : the residential district

This is one of Lyon’s quietest districts which means you’ll have more opportunity to study the building façades with their corner recesses adorned with statues of saints. This area, which is also known as Ainay, extends from Bellecour to Carnot, two of the peninsula’s key sites. Here too, you can find lofts with stunning views of Fourvière hill and luxury flats in high-end buildings.

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