Exquisite property

A waterfront property, Chantilly

A waterfront property

Water and greenery make up this beautiful mansion's enchanting surroundings

This 60-acre preserved and unconstructible property is part of the Oise-Pays de France regional natural park. Two 18th century wings flank this 14th century mansion, built by a river, which provides close to 600 sq m on three levels and various mid-levels. The ground floor houses a kitchen and a dining room. On the first floor, a couple of living rooms open on the terrace, while seven bedrooms occupy the upper floor. Says the Marc Foujols agency: “This atypical property, admirably preserved, has a wide clearance and vast rooms facing the park. It can easily be converted into a luxury B&B.” Several outbuildings include a home cinema in the former barn and a keeper’s house. A rose garden and a swimming pool adjacent are bordered by two beautiful lawns. Very quiet, in a secluded area near a 19th century castle and a windmill, the property is only a 5-min drive from Chantilly.

Estate agent: Marc Foujols Chantilly - 60500 Chantilly. Tel: 03 44 58 20 30 www.marcfoujols.com

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A waterfront property