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Listening and Understanding : our experience in the Real-Estate business has taught us that attentively listening to you and understanding your needs are the first firm steps towards a constructive and fruitful collaboration.

Property evaluation : our estimates are based on numerous transactions brokered by our own agents as well as official notary data produced by the "Chambre des Notaires de Paris".

Promotion : we firmly believe that the key towards efficient property promotion lies in impeccable presentation. That is why we always engage professional photographers and pay extra attention to the description of each property in advertising. We use the best medium for your property (window displays, internet as well as regular newspaper and magazine adverts). Of course, if confidentiality is preferred, we would do our utmost to protect our client's wishes by promotion through more discreet channels.

Property auditing and planning : if you are a buyer, we try to present property that is as close a match as possible to your requirements. We inform you of all indirect and future costs involved in your purchase. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, we advise you on the various technical and legal issues involved in the sale's process. We will accompany you every step of the way towards the closing.

General assistance : we can introduce you to our tried and certified network of service providers such as bankers, lawyers, contractors, designers etc. if you need these services to complete you project.