Vaneau Champ de Mars

Vaneau Champ de Mars

69, avenue Bosquet 75007 Paris 7e

Tél. : 01 44 11 75 75 | Fax: 01 44 11 75 76

Established in the 6th, 7th and 16th districts, the special agencies Vaneau is to be specialized for 40 years, in the sale, purchase and rental of apartments in the most prestigious districts of the capital.

Equal in skill and responsibility, our 30 employees are spread over six Parisian agencies: Bac St Germain, Champ de Mars, Odeon, Luxembourg, Auteuil and Passy Trocadero.

They can cover all residential areas of the left bank and right bank. They know every street, every building. By focusing on certain areas, we have every chance to carry out transactions quickly and entrusted to us.

Major player in the luxury real estate in Paris, the agencies continue to develop with Vaneau Vaneau Cannes, new spearhead of the agencies on the Riviera.