15 avenue de Friedland 75008 Paris 8e

Tél. : 01 45 27 50 11 - 06 27 21 23 90

My role salesperson:

More than ever, my role as an estate agent is to provide exceptional service to my customers, by guiding and advising in all stages of research or sales of property.

The way I do it:

When it comes to assist you in finding the place that suits you:
  • I study in detail your request and your desires,
  • I am looking for the good of your dreams by preparing a targeted list,
  • I offer you access to exclusive offers and confidential,
  • I am committed to tailor-made and put all my energy at work.

My motto is "confidentiality and efficiency."

Geographic areas I cover:

I cover the best districts of Paris. These are mostly high-end goods for international customers or French.

My transactions involve apartments or mansions in Paris in its entirety but especially in the seventh, eighth or sixteenth arrondissements.

These are prestige properties of different sizes whose address characteristics, volumes, the charm, the view ... that make them exceptional.

My customers:

Contrary to popular belief that only foreigners buying real expensive, I have many French among my clients. Industry bosses, business leaders, personalities of finance.

As for my foreign clients, it is very diversified. No nationality dominates, Europeans, customers from Russia, Asia, the Middle East or South America, United States, but also in China and Abu Dhabi, we are witnessing a new profile foreign clients.

Paris remains a shortage of market where demand is outstripping supply, and the unique hand at exceptional prices.