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luxury farmhouse for sale Indre-et-Loire, France

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A 16th-century farmhouse with five hectares of grounds, nestled in the Loire Valley between Amboise and Blois. From a local road, an earthen track snakes through fields over several hundred metres to the property. The complex of buildings stands on a grassy two-hectare plot that mainly faces southwards, looking down over the valley. Three main buildings adjoin each other in a row that runs from east to west: a barn, a 16th-century dwelling and a more recent extension. Around 20 metres west of this three-section edifice, a sheep shed adjoins an agricultural storage building. And even further westwards, there is a one-hectare plot of farmland. To the south, a wooded area covers around 1.5 hectares. It slopes down to the road below. The grounds also include a well and a small lake surrounded by groves on the edge of the neighbouring woods. The house has a 16th-century section, its main part, with a mullioned window that makes it recognisable. Two extensions have been added to this oldest part: one was added on the north side in the 19th century and another was added in the 20th century. The walls are coated with rendering, the window and door surrounds and quoins are made of limestone, and the doors and shutters are painted red. The roofs are covered with small traditional tiles, except for the northern roof slope of the 20th-century section, which is covered with synthetic slate tiles.

land  4.9ha

By Patrice Besse


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