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Apartment Ospedaletti (Italy)

At the Residence Du Parc, a prestigious and elegant residential complex equipped with concierge service, communal swimming pool and surrounded by a wonderful common park, we have for sale a large four-room apartment with a beautiful private garden overlooking the sea.The accommodation is located on the ground floor and has a large entrance hall, large and bright living room, kitchen with veranda and independent service entrance, toilet / laundry area. The sleeping area includes three bedrooms and two large windowed bathrooms complete with bathtub and shower. A large private garden surrounds the property, perfect for outdoor dining while admiring the sea and the beautiful scenery of Ospedalettesi.The property includes a comfortable garage and a cellar inside the building.The large spaces that can be perfectly exploited and the many windows make the property very bright, and the excellent location makes it perfect for stable living or for income.There is an air conditioning system.Energy Class E


By Annonceur International


Castle Tricase (Italy)

The advertiser did not provide an english description for this listing.

land  2ha

By Polo Properties


Castle Tavoleto (Italy)

Indulge in the epitome of luxury living surrounded by the captivating landscapes of Le Marche with this majestic 11th century castle. Nestled in the historical town of Tavoleto, this splendid castle stands as a testament to centuries of history and architectural grandeur. Originally commissioned by the Malatesta family, the castle later served as the stately residence of the Petrangolini family and played a vital role in the region’s past. Perched on the ridge of a hill, this castle offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside and the Adriatic Riviera. Its construction dates back to 1290, commissioned by the Malatesta Family, and it has since witnessed ownership transitions and historical events, including occupations during World War II and reconstruction efforts. The Castle Located on a hilltop in the town of Tavoleto, this castle is a landmark steeped in centuries of history. Commissioned by the Malatesta family in 1290, its sturdy walls have witnessed the passage of history. Over the years, it has served as a stately residence, a fortress, and even a hotel and classy restaurant in the 1960s. Today, the castle stands as a proud testament to Italy’s history, offering a glimpse into its rich medieval heritage. Over time, the castle underwent various renovations, preserving its medieval charm while accommodating modern comforts. Upon entering through the gates, you are greeted by a magnificent inner courtyard enclosed by towering walls. From here, a staircase leads to the main body of the castle, which is spread across five floors of living space for a total of 2100 sq.m. Ground Floor: Stepping inside the castle from the main road, you are welcomed by a charming closed porch renovated in the 1800s, likely once a stable area for horses and carriages. Adjacent to the porch you will find caves dating back to 1290, originally used as escape routes and now featuring an icehouse and additional service rooms for the castle. From the closed porch you step into the entrance hall, leading you upstairs, into a large reception room. First Floor: The reception room is also accessible from the internal courtyard. The first floor of the castle is dedicated to entertaining guests, featuring a series of halls, service rooms, and guest accommodations. These include various reception halls, a kitchen, several bathrooms, and dressing rooms, all restored to their former glory. Second Floor: On this level, you’ll find a second kitchen, which originally served the internal operations of the castle. Next to it, there are several bathrooms and rooms designated for staff use. This level also features a multipurpose room currently to a builder’s finish, offering endless possibilities for customization. Walking through the hallway adorned with frescoes and a fireplace, you step into another multipurpose room filled with natural light from large windows overlooking the street below. A highlight of this level is the Armiger Hall, a sprawling space of approximately 170 sq.m., which would be the perfect venue to host special events. Third Floor: Going up to the third floor, you step into the sleeping area of the castle, comprising five bedrooms, each with its own ensuite bathroom. This floor is ripe for renovation, offering the opportunity to customize the space to suit individual preferences, or creating additional suites for more accommodation space. Fourth Floor: Continuing upwards, the fourth floor reveals two large halls, with high ceilings adorned with original beams and frescoes that speak to the castle’s past. This level boasts its own terrace offering panoramic views of the sea and the inner courtyard, providing the perfect setting for relaxation. Here you will also find an additional multipurpose room, as well as two bathrooms. Fifth Floor: Adorned with stunning frescoes, this top floor offers a grand living room that opens onto a terrace, providing stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. This was probably the private apartment of Count Petrangolini. In addition to the living room, this level boasts two bathrooms and two bedrooms, as well as a versatile multipurpose room. Last but not least, access to the tower from this level adds a touch of charm to the castle. The Towers At the pinnacle of the five floors stands a two-level crenellated tower, offering unrivaled views of the surrounding countryside, hilltop towns, San Marino, Rimini, the Apennines and the sea, serving as a reminder of the castle’s medieval heritage. Within the walls, there are another three towers which can be restored as luxury suites. One of them is accessible from both within and outside the castle walls, and they exude charm and offer a stunning retreat for guests wanting a truly memorable experience. The Garden The 700 sq.m. courtyard, enclosed by the main building’s grand facade, benefits from optimal sun exposure and protection from northern winds. Initially the sole open space, it was bounded by a two-meter wall until 1951. Count Petrangolini then extended the enclosure, adding a taller wall with crenellations and three towers. One of them, serving as the boundary between courtyard and garden, features a door onto the adjacent street. The garden boasts an iron-gated entrance, and stone sourced from the Petrangolini’s land was used for construction. A straight stone path leads you directly to the main entrance. The Location Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Foglia River Valley, this castle boasts a privileged location midway between the historic city of Urbino and the sun-drenched shores of the Adriatic Sea. This strategic positioning offers you and your guests the best of both worlds: the rich cultural heritage of inland Marche region and the vibrant coastal lifestyle. The castle stands proudly on a hilltop, commanding stunning views of the surrounding countryside. From its vantage point, you can admire the rolling hills dotted with vineyards and olive groves, as well as the coastline and the mountains. The town of Tavoleto adds to the allure of the location, with its charming streets steeped in history and its convenience. Despite its private setting, this castle is conveniently located within easy reach of all amenities and not too far from a major highway. The city of Urbino, renowned for its Renaissance architecture and artistic heritage, is just a short drive away. Meanwhile, the beaches of the Adriatic Riviera invite you to relax and experience some of the best seafood restaurants of the region. EPC: Ordered Why Buy It Investing in this castle offers a multitude of opportunities. You could opt to transform the castle into an exclusive luxury residence, providing an opulent home for you and your family. Alternatively, it could be reimagined as a boutique hotel, catering to tourists seeking an authentic and immersive experience. The castle’s grandeur also lends itself to hosting special events, such as weddings, corporate gatherings, and cultural functions, offering a unique and unforgettable backdrop for memorable occasions. For those interested in preservation and public engagement, the castle could be opened to the public as a historical landmark, offering guided tours, educational programs, and cultural exhibits to showcase its rich heritage. Distances Nearest Town With Services: 50 m School: 170 m Theater: 6,9 km Urbino: 18,9 km Highway: 19,7 km Hospital: 21,4 km Cattolica: 22 km Seaside: 23 km Riccione: 24,2 km San Marino: 29,5 km Pesaro: 36 km Rimini: 42,1 km Fano: 54,4 km Airport of Bologna: 165 km

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land  700

By Italian Luxury Asset


Listed castle Morlupo (Italy)

Italian Castles for Sale: Prestige Residence Rome North Historic noble apartment in the Orsini Castle of Morlupo, in the Metropolitan City of Rome Living in a Castle north of Rome offer all the charm of a Renaissance princely residence with terraces, in the medieval historic center of an urban center immersed in pristine valleys. The Castle with the tower, of sixteenth-century origin, overlooks the main square of the Mazzocca district and the church of San Giovanni Battista. An ancient and fascinating district, perched in a maze of alleys designed by history and protected by the Castle. And this apartment for sale overlooks the monumental ensemble with the first sunny terrace next to the entrance. Even internally, the 250 m2 spaces reflect the architectural majesty of the building. Volumes with disproportionate heights have allowed the creation of habitable mezzanines overlooking rooms that follow one another with regular floor plans, in a far-reaching glance. The apartment for sale in the Castle of Morlupo has two independent entrances on the facade of the Castle. The first leads to a foyer that anticipates the subsequent halls, the second to the very large kitchen with dining room and pantry. Family space par excellence, it is a spectacular environment due to the heights close to six meters, decorated with a historic inlaid fireplace. Following, the first large hall is the ideal space to receive many guests, in front of the ancient peperino fireplace. Here too, the ceilings reach six meters and the views are over the roofs of the historic center. The second living room has a live-in mezzanine made of solid wood. A passageway environment that can be used as a private lounge, study, but above all a splendid library, where the high coffered ceilings and the third fireplace of the house invite to study and concentrate. It is also the ideal place to create a new space to personalize, such as a gym or the area dedicated to smart working. Outside, but protected by the walls of the Castle, there is a vast terrace. Currently not used, it can become a large hanging garden, an extension of the internal halls. Living in a Castle means privacy and tranquility above all. The first sleeping area is spread over two levels, immediately after the study. A master suite consisting of a hallway, ideal for a walk-in closet and bathroom with tub. Connected with a comfortable staircase, the bedroom itself is located on the upper floor. Both the heights of the two levels reach three meters, for a feeling of great airiness. A second sleeping area occupies the upper volumes of the main entrance, at the level of the other mezzanines. Connected by a sophisticated wrought iron spiral staircase, it is composed of a bedroom with bathroom overlooking the main square. A safe location near the center of Rome The authenticity and beauty of the interiors make this house perfect for those who want to enjoy the tranquility of a historic center in the metropolitan area of Rome, with the possibility of living in a prestigious residence and easily reaching the center. It is also an excellent investment and the perfect place for those who want to live surrounded by history and nature. And for those who want to travel, a multi-storey car park is available a few meters away, also directly connected to the upper part of the town, where all the city services are located. Rif. V000538 Class & Country Homes Pasquarelli Immobiliare S.r.L. via Giulia n.145 00186 Roma Tel. 06/68807642


By Pasquarelli Immobiliare S.r.l.


Listed castle Deruta (Italy)

The castle stands at an altitude of about 500 meters in the municipality of Deruta (Perugia) via della Libertà 2. It can be reached from Deruta by taking the scenic hill road called "via di Castelleone" about 4.5 km. away from the main town. It is a historic-artistic architectural monument dating from the 15th-16th centuries and is under the protection of the Superintendence for Artistic, Historical and Architectural Heritage of the Region of Umbria. Location Deruta's origins remain partly obscure. Certain, however, is its ancient link with Perugia, of which it has always been a valid bulwark to the south, toward Todi, a role to which its appearance as a fortified castle still bears witness. Perugia is about 20Km away as is its airport. Fiumicino airport (Rome) is about 185Km away. Description The Castle is' composed mainly of three original architectural cores representing three historical periods: Medieval (dating back to the 12th century), traceable in the thick stone walls (even over 2.5 meters) that converge in the large and mighty Longobard Tower (about 36 meters high, square in shape and divided into five levels). Renaissance (dating back to the 15th-16th centuries), which forms the main body of the Castle formed by its Main Keep or Main Tower of roundish shape (divided into five levels) and joined to the main core of the Castle proper. Neo-Gothic (dating back to the 19th century), which represents that part of the building, united with the Renaissance core, facing the Inner Village and enclosing the Belvedere Tower at its top. The interiors consist of seven suites-double bedrooms with the possibility of a third bed, each with large bathrooms or salle de bain equipped with the latest technology such as whirlpool tubs and showers with aroma-therapy, chromo-therapy, ozone-therapy, Turkish bath and radio. The suites are named Contessa, Dama Bianca, Borgia, Gotica, Vergini, Torre degli Sposi, Cavaliere. The master apartments arranged on two floors, have 4 double bedrooms with the possibility of a third bed (each with an independent bathroom equipped as above) called the Master Bedroom, Bishop's Room, Guest Room, Lady's Apartment. In the Longobard Tower are arranged on 4 levels other double rooms named Swan Bedroom, Lion Bedroom, Raven Bedroom and Templar Bedroom connected by a helical staircase. On the first level of the Longobard Tower are located 2 equipped bathrooms. In the Foresteria del Castello there are two rooms (one double and one single) with equipped bathrooms also for handicap use. In total, there are eighteen bathrooms considering the service one for the Museum Area (called the Grottino), the service one for the Dining Room, the one called the Pensile dello Studiolo located in the Padronali apartments and the service one adjacent to the Salone dei Cavalieri. The Property has three fully equipped kitchens: the Old Castle Kitchen (on the ground floor), the Mistress Kitchen (on the second floor of the Mistress apartments), the kitchen of the small apartment of the Lady of the Company (on the second floor of the Mistress apartments) On the ground floor there are numerous halls and reception rooms, including large ones such as the Great Hall of the Armigers (over 100 sq. m., the largest in the Castle), the Ancient Captains' Refectory, the Great Entrance to the Borgo and Renaissance Staircase, the Neo-Gothic Painted Hall, the Guard Room, the Hall of Arms, the Passage Room and Grottino, the Ancient Gallery and main entrance to the Castle, the Gallery and Collections Room, the Entrance Hall to the Park with the underlying Medieval underground passages leading to the Old Medieval Cistern that still exists, the Grand Renaissance Dining Room, the Old Castle Kitchen and the Old Chapel. Connected to the Great Castle Kitchen, a large enclosable porch with stained-glass windows leads to the two covered cloister rooms, which in turn connect with the Longobard Tower and its aforementioned rooms. A wide stone staircase leads to the Castle's Piano Nobile and the Countess, Borgia, Dama Bianca, Gothic and Virgin suites. From the Contessa and Borgia suites there is access to a large square panoramic terrace overlooking the Castle's Old Cloister and inner courtyard. From the Longobard tower there is external access to the great outer Esplanades of the Castle above the portico. From these a bold staircase carved into the stone puts one at the uncovered top of the Longobard Tower itself, which serves as a solarium. Also located on the Piano Nobile are the Golden Room, the Ancient Library, the Office and the Renaissance Room from which it is possible to enter the Castle's main Torre degli Sposi-Mastio divided into three levels: La Salle de Bain (fully frescoed), the Bridal Parlor and the aforementioned Torre degli Sposi suite. It is noteworthy how the entire Piano Nobile of the Castle of Castelleone, including the various connecting corridors, presents integrally wall and ceiling decorations in both tempera and fresco with geometric floral motifs, naturalistic motifs, gallant scenes, feudal military scenes, etc., always different in each room. From the Piano Nobile one enters the mentioned Knight's Hall and the Great Knights' Hall also entirely decorated in tempera on both ceiling and walls. From the latter large reception room an external covered staircase puts to the covered summit part of the Belvedere Tower from which there is a 360-degree panorama. Outdoor Spaces The overall perimeter of the Property is about 800 meters, encompassing three roads. The Castle is served by nine entrances, three of which are from the Park (with large cusped and automated wrought-iron gates), one from the inner courtyard, one directly from the Park located on the main facade of the Property, three from the inner Village on Via della Libertà, and one on the alley of the Olive Tree. The relevance of land surrounding it is about 8500 square meters. mainly planted with tall trees almost all secular (oaks and holm oaks) and terraced park and garden sloping down to the pool of 12.5 x 6 meters located at the foot of the walls of the Castle equipped with Jacuzzi type whirlpool of 8 square meters with aroma and color therapy. Adjacent to the pool is a well made of stone and ancient bricks. State and finishes The Property, consisting mainly of stone walls, exposed ancient bricks and plastered parts, covers an internal area of more than 2,000 sq. m. useful (plus about 500 sq. m. of attics) developing into almost 100 rooms. The inner cloister is enclosed in the part of the building facing northwest with another well-cistern in the center made of ancient bricks that is still functioning. Cadastral classification of the entire area of the Castle: D2 (commercial use) Cadastral classification of the private Chapel only: B7 (religious buildings) Potentiality of use This prestigious castle lends itself perfectly to be used as a "de charme" accommodation facility of the highest level. Constituting an investment devoted to beauty, art and history.

land  8,500

By Carratelli Real Estate


Castle Nardò (Italy)

An authentic masseria farmhouse and its 2 hectares land on the outskirts of Nardò and the Regional Nature Park of Porto-Selvaggio. The Apulia region’s olive groves extend, beyond the white walls of the beautiful Nardò for as the eye can see, to the beaches along the Gulf of Taranto. This land once belonged to powerful and noble masseria farmhouses, just like this large property on the edge of the Regional Nature Park of Porto-Selvaggio. In addition to an 82-ha estate, this group of buildings forms a hamlet all on its own. The size of the property from the 1,875 m² main building is striking and its potential obvious. It is an ideal haven for fully appreciating the tranquillity of the Salento Peninsula, just a stone’s throw from the turquoise waters of Sant'Isidoro.

land  2ha

By Patrice Besse


Castle Siena (Italy)

Wonderful Castle, the scene of frequent battles since the 12th century, today an important reality in the production of wines famous all over the world and an extraordinary accommodation facility where the flavour of the past blends in harmony with today's comforts, surrounded by a historic park and an Italian garden, and the company vineyards that frame the panoramic view of Siena. Location The locality has very ancient origins and was mentioned for the first time in 1189 in a papal bull of Clement III addressed to Bono, bishop of Siena, with which he was given the rights to the castle, which was set on fire and semi-destroyed by the Florentines in 1259 before the bloody battle of Monteaperti. Its name therefore derives from the strategic position of the site, which dominates the Val d’Arbia, in a border area where, over the centuries, Sienese, Florentines and Aretini clashed on several occasions. The Castle was the scene of frequent battles since the 12th century, a period to which a wooden shield depicting a burning tower dates back. In addition, the town boasts a long winemaking tradition. The Terre di Siena, traditionally, enjoy an extraordinary notoriety thanks to it’s denominations of controlled and guaranteed origin famous all over the world, such as Chianti Colli Senesi and Chianti Superiore. Description An avenue of cypresses leads to the castle, a relaxing environment with unspoiled nature, dating back to the 12th century, it was an outpost of the Sienese militias who had to guarantee the defense of the city of Siena. Inside, the rooms and a suite have been restored in order to make guests relive the traditions and atmosphere of a period residence without sacrificing comfort and elegance. A suite and two apartments have been created around the Castle, in the expertly restored ancient farmhouses, to ensure maximum independence and privacy for guests. Also in the structure there are large common areas for accommodation, reception rooms for parties of the highest level, restaurant with a panoramic terrace overlooking the city of Siena and the cellar. State and Finishes Very warm and expertly restored environments, where every single detail brings back to the old days but at the same time blends in harmony with today's comforts - the typical Tuscan rafter ceiling and the ancient terracotta floor, small grey drawings on the walls, floral fabrics and bathrooms with marble sink tops, the presence of stone walls and brick vaults skilfully enhanced by a careful renovation Production The winery is located on the splendid Sienese hills, the native vines of the area, including Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo and Colorino, are grown according to the most modern technologies. In support of the important Senarum Vinea project, the company is the custodian of seven indigenous varieties, formerly cultivated around the city of Siena. The ancient vines, five reds, Mammolo, Gorgottesco, Canina, Prugnolo Gentile and Giacchè and two whites, San Colombano and Procanico, are destined to become, after careful micro-vinifications, "The Wine of Siena". The vineyards are located on soils that, thanks to the presence of clays, are able to maintain the humidity necessary to ensure constant quality in wine production, allowing the plants to survive even in hot summers without rain. Outdoor spaces The estate develops around the core of the buildings for an area of about 44 hectares, with vineyards, olive groves, woods and arable land. Large green areas, a splendid swimming pool in the olive grove, from which you can enjoy the splendid scenery of the Crete Senesi and Monte Amiata. Potential use An excellent solution for those who would like to continue their business in the wine production and hospitality sector, but which can also become a top-level private residence surrounded by own land.

land  4ha

By Carratelli Real Estate


Castle Casigliano (Italy)

OUR EXCLUSIVE! Ancient real estate complex of rare availability already inhabited in Roman times immersed in its exclusive land of about 290 hectares . The important part of the property consists of a wonderful castle of about 2700 square meters well maintained , a finely equipped restaurant , and an important real estate value of apartments and independent farmhouses Here time has stood still among rolling hills planted with olive trees , sunflowers and ancient trees . Description The imposing castle from the extraordinary views of the countryside boasts a square footage of about 2700 square meters . about.Splendid and fascinating can be appreciated in all its beauty characterized by large finely frescoed halls , the basement and cellars in addition to the first floor and attic used as guest rooms . The ancient village is characterized by eight housing units for a total of 900 square meters developed on one level or more levels that can accommodate the kitchen , living room , one or more rooms with service . The warehouses still now serving agriculture have a square footage of about 290 square meters . Additional four housing units , the square footage is about 440 square meters . The restaurant of about 860 square meters located a short distance from the castle is able to accommodate both inside , thanks to the large equipped rooms . The presence of eight farmhouses partly to be restored scattered in the countryside of the property make this property unique and rarely found . The square footage of the farmhouses ranges from 330 sqm to 600 sqm each one enjoys appurtenant land and breathtaking views . A small village of about 2000 square meters located about 2 km from the castle consists of several housing units . The atmosphere that you breathe brings back to the flavors of the past genuine and true. Exterior Spaces and Land At an altitude of 260 meters above sea level enjoys a favorable climate with relevant parts of medium slope easily workable . The land is suitable for cultivation by ordinary agricultural means . The total area is 290 hectares , the olive grove and the predominantly coppice forest of oak, oak and hornbeam trees stand out . State and finish The castle is in good state of preservation as are the apartments that are part of the hamlet that frames it . The remaining buildings have been in disuse for years and in most need of total renovation . The ancient terracotta , high frescoed ceilings , ancient stone fireplaces and masonry kitchens with large ovens characterize the part intended for guests very well-kept and charming . Potential uses . The important real estate complex is perfect to be used as a diffuse hotel of the highest level . Location In the surroundings of Todi, in the province of Terni, stands this fine real estate complex . Easily accessible from the Val di Chiana is only 60 km from Perugia airport, 140 km from Fiumicino .

land  290ha

By Carratelli Real Estate


Castle San Casciano in Val di Pesa (Italy)

Medieval castle of rare beauty located in San Casciano Val di Pesa just 14 km from the historic city of Florence with private land of about 4 hectares, Italian garden and panoramic swimming pool. A small village built a short distance from the castle embellishes this historic property perfectly maintained, the atmosphere that you breathe when you enter through the imposing gateway makes us relive ancient stories of which it is nice not to lose memory. Location San Casciano Val di Pesa is part of the Classico del Chianti sub-zone and is a center renowned for the production of its wines, extra virgin olive oil, and agricultural products in general. Just half an hour by car from the historic city of Florence is a strategic point to enjoy food and wine tours of high end and great charm. Description Driving along a secondary road slightly uphill you reach the castle and you are immediately enraptured by the extraordinary beauty that surrounds us. The imposing structure has two levels in addition to the ancient tower that stands in all its majesty giving unique views. Through a walkway between two stone walls you reach the large atrium characterized by high ceilings and voluminous spaces. On the ground floor are a succession of very large halls, large rooms characterized by beautiful old fireplaces and the considerable kitchen, very practical to organize parties and events. In the sleeping area you can appreciate 15 beautiful suites served by their private bathroom, from the windows you can admire the surrounding countryside, expertly cultivated with olive trees and vines. On the second floor there are some apartments with large living area, kitchen and two comfortable and elegant double bedrooms with two bathrooms. State and finishes The castle is perfect both internally and externally thanks to the constant maintenance by the owner family that with care and love has managed to preserve the history and original features of the house. The ceilings are vaulted, ancient stone capitals and large fireplaces embellish the property. The floors are in antique terracotta, the windows in wood as the original interior doors and precious. Outside has been laid the terracotta, while around the pool a well-kept green lawn makes the relaxation area very hospitable and beautiful. Outdoor spaces The castle is immersed in its private land of about 4 hectares, around the historic house you can appreciate a beautiful Italian lawn and an outdoor courtyard where you can easily park several cars. The patio overlooking the ground floor is very suggestive as the loggia on the first floor where you can spend moments of absolute relaxation. Potential use The castle lends itself to be lived by a family who wants to live in a refined, elegant and historic. The structure lends itself as a luxury boutique hotel that can accommodate a high-level and demanding clientele.

land  4ha

By Carratelli Real Estate


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