Buy a typical castle in French Riviera

Buy a typical castle in French Riviera

The authenticity of French Riviera

The French Riviera is famous for its many luxury villas and its seafront stylish lofts. There are also magnificent French Riviera luxury castles for sale: a delight for history and old stones lovers.

A castle’s prestige

The French Riviera is an idyllic destination, but also a place steeped in history. In addition to the numerous remaining vestiges of the past, it has always attracted fortunes from all around France and beyond. This is why there are many castles, sometimes dating back several centuries. Some of them are still surrounded by part of their former land - often vineyards - and sometimes landscaped parks. Their classical architecture will seduce old stones lovers and those who appreciate the authenticity of Provence.

A region full of opportunities

Castles for sale on the French Riviera enjoy an exceptional location. Proximity to the shores of the Mediterranean, marinas and resorts come in addition to high-flying cultural events, such as the Cannes film festival to mention just one. The latest trends and the most important personalities meet in mythical places such as Nice or Saint-Tropez. Whether you want to acquire a top of the range castle for your personal pleasure or for a hospitality or leisure project, you will find first-class goods that will allow you to fulfill your dreams. 

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